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Hershey, Here!

Straight from the horse’s mouth!

It’s Hershey, here to give his perspective on life at Saddle Up! He has lots of stories, but because he’s a horse, he can only tell what he sees, experiences, or overhears—so he needs a little help with the big picture. Fortunately, Hershey’s Pony Pal can fill in the details.

With nearly 100 photographs, this 128-page book showcases all that makes Saddle Up! special and becomes a great keepsake for families, volunteers, and other supporters of the programs. Proceeds from the sale benefit Saddle Up!


About the Author

Crys Zinkiewicz is a Saddle Up! volunteer who works with Hershey as his Pony Pal. Crys has a special understanding of what it means to face challenges as a child. She was born with clubbed feet and spent much of her childhood in braces or casts. Also during this time, the horses she would see from her house filled her imagination of all the places she could go if she could ride.

Crys finally began riding at age 22 and began realizing those horseback riding dreams she had as a child. She credits riding as "not only grand adventures but also courage, confidence, and even good posture!"

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